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Martial Arts: The Kids of Aikido Kenkyukai: Kai S.

aikido kids los angeles martial arts Feb 28, 2017
martial arts for kids

“Aikido makes me feel strong, good and helps me make new friends. I love my mommy for getting me into Aikido.”

  • Kai, 6
  • Student

Kai, who began Aikido at age 5, has been training with Chris Sensei for almost a year. Brought by his mom who heard about the dojo through word of mouth, Kai joined so he could learn self defense.

At his first class, he admits that he was nervous. Not only has Kai successfully integrated, but he was recently even invited to join the dojo “Demonstration Team” for a performance at the Montecito Union School’s Fundraising Gala at the Coral Casino!

Kai says that the reason he continues training Aikido is “I like Aikido, games, learning, and Japanese.” He cites Aikido’s benefits as follows: “Aikido makes me feel strong, good and helps me make new friends.”

Apart from training, Kai attends school and enjoys playing on his Kindle, with legos, cars and stuffed animals.

When asked what his life would be like with no Aikido, Kai replied, “It would be like life without food or water!”

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