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The People of Aikido Kenkyukai: Ellis Bahl

aikido los angeles martial arts Jan 01, 2017

“I did Aikido for a few months in High School…Once I started training I got the bug and always knew that if I ever got back into martial arts, Aikido would be the one.”

  • Ellis Bahl, 28
  • Film Director
  • AKI Los Angeles

It took Ellis years of searching before he finally found his perfect dojo. Ellis started training in a different dojo in high school, but because of money and time constraints, was forced to discontinue. During his years of pursuing aikido, Ellis was dissatisfied with the dojos he’s encountered—until he found AKI USA.

Both Lia Sensei and her students were extremely welcoming…Lia Sensei uses lots of humor in her teaching,” Ellis said.

Aikido philosophy and the use of an attacker’s force and momentum to arrive at a win-win outcome attracts Ellis

If he stopped training Ellis “would miss the important physical and mental drain that clears [him] and sets [him] straight.”

When Ellis isn’t training, he likes to play video games and weight-lift.

Those who wish to train with Ellis will find him at the Los Angeles dojo.

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