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❇ The People of Aikido Kenkyukai: Andy Dulman

aikido los angeles martial arts Nov 07, 2016

“There’s a type of tranquility and presentness in Aikido that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Every epiphany I get in Aikido comes from me surrendering a habit of excessive mental control and learning to trust my body and create a balanced connection.”

  • Andy Dulman, 26
  • Commercial Director
  • Aikido Kenkyukai Los Angeles

Andy Dulman, an athletic comedy enthusiast, recently joined AKI USA in Los Angeles. He has been training with Suzuki Sensei for roughly two months.

Thanks to his friend Ellis Bahl’s marketing skills, Andy was immediately sold into Aikido.

“[Ellis] told me about how much he connects with Aikido and how much balance it brings him. I was completely sold by hearing him describe it…I’ve been hooked ever since.”

On his first day, Andy felt welcomed and comfortable. That day Suzuki Sensei shared how Aikido has benefited and helped her grow. This, according to Andy, “…really contextualized everything [they] were doing for me and that made the training more meaningful.”

Perhaps another reason Andy stayed is Suzuki Sensei’s teaching style. He said, “Suzuki Sensei keeps the process from being cerebral. She’s a very ‘learn-by-doing and not by talking’ kind of instructor and that’s exactly what I needed.”

Other than training, Andy enjoys exploring LA and restaurants with friends.

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