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📰 REVIEW: AKI USA 20th Anniversary Seminar By Mark Vestrich

aikido los angeles martial arts Oct 21, 2016
Training with Takeda Shihan feels as close as you can come to flying without using any equipment like a parachute or hang glider!
Lightness, support, trust, fun and hard work are all sensations that come to mind as I reflect back on those five days in Los Angeles.
Many thanks to Numata sensei and Satoshi sensei for also making the long trip from Japan. Their presence shined strong light on the AKI “path” with their two very different personal styles each striding a common “way”!
Lia and her team clearly invested many hours to organize the seminar, including the meals. Thanks so much to all of you for the immense behind the scenes effort needed to create such a hospitable event.
Congratulations to AKI USA for such a splendid seminar. Here’s to many more years of success!
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