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📰 REVIEW: AKI USA 20th Anniversary Seminar By Jean-Rene Leduc

aikido los angeles martial arts Oct 11, 2016

Years leading up to the 20th Anniversary Aikido Celebration in Los Angeles led by Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan

Lia Sensei arrived at our dojo in Boston in the early 1980s. She was very young, eyes open with the desire to learn more about the Art. William Gleason Sensei invited Takeda Shihan to lead the 1986 summer gasshuku. A year later, Lia moved to Japan.

After a long stay of training in Japan, she returned to the U.S.A. to open dojos, first on the East Coast in Pennsylvania and later, on the West Coast in Santa Barbara and most recently in Los Angeles, California .

Lia is a real pioneer. When she started teaching there were men twice her size showing up at her class, eager to show their power and test the woman at the front of the room. Many years of trials and tribulations ensued. Without her strength of character and perseverance, we would not have celebrated 20 years of Aikido Kenkyukai in America

As I write this, Lia is touring numerous cities in Germany sharing her years of Aikido training experience with others.

Congratulations Lia Sensei. Wishing you many good years ahead with the new location in L.A.

Two sensei from Japan accompanied Takeda Shihan to L.A. . Numata Sensei and Satoshi Sensei. They were both extremely gracious in sharing their time, knowledge, expertise and warm hearts with the group in attendance.

Takeda Shihan was gracious, relaxed and joyful throughout the seminar. Perhaps what was most central in his teachings was the concept of chushin or centre where all things are controlled by the stability and the quality of that centre. Takeda Sensei reminded us to strive to understand the Divine Intelligence and employ that understanding in order to practice Aikido as the ” Great and Universal Science of Life.” The five-day celebration was intimate and introspective in nature.

Congratulations to all AKI USA members.

Jean-Rene Leduc

Chief Instructor

AKI Canada

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