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📰 REVIEW: AKI USA 20th Anniversary Seminar By Alix Flavelle

aikido los angeles martial arts Oct 11, 2016

Los Angeles seminar August 18th – 22nd , 2016

Impressions by Alix Flavelle

It was a relatively small group with the good fortune of learning from several high level teachers. And a like-minded group, eager to experience something different than the classical repertoire of Aikido techniques. As a small group we became familiar and trusting of each other, enabling us to experiment with new movements and new feeling.

The rotation of different teachers was so interesting and engaging. It allowed me to look at the same principles from different angles. It gave me ideas for how to communicate about these principles when I teach. It gave us an opportunity to bring the feeling of no-touch into our touch and vice-versa.

With several days to train together in this way I felt so uplifted. I felt something more than before in the principle of “gathering to centre and moving together”. I felt greater expansion and ease in my “vertical line”.

We had the chance to go to several different restaurants – Chris did an excellent job of choosing places with great food and atmosphere. The gatherings were convivial, casual and comfortable, helping us to get to know each other. Very enjoyable.

Congratulations to Lia Suzuki on this 20 th anniversary of AKI USA.

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